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You’re just a ghost at most

Its been forever since I last posted something. Main reason being, Ive been waiting for valentines day to end so everyone will stop being lovey dovey and I’ll probably be posting about how much I hate Valentines day. These last few days I’ve been really sick 😷 . Ive infected some people (my siblings and some of my classmates). Mostly because Im coughing 30% of the time in class.

Ive been also getting a lot of assignments and homework for school. I have my history assignment due on monday and I also have my gymnastic test. avdjsnsjhd I also need to buy stuff for my science model. Where do you buy foam balls??

im so done with myself 🙂

– lısa

Music Tag

Thank you Emily for Nominating me  , Omg im scared


  • Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping).
  • Write your favourite lyric from each song.
  • Tag some peeps.


Songs ;

  • This is what makes us girls – Lana Del Rey
    • This is what makes us girls
      We all look for heaven and we put our love first
      Somethin’ that we’d die for, it’s our curse
      Don’t cry about it, don’t cry about it
      This is what makes us girls


  • We don’t believe whats on tv – Twenty One Pilots
    • What if my dream does not happen,
      Would I just change what I’ve told my friends,
      I don’t want to know who I would be,
      When I wake up from a dreamer’s sleep.


  • Illusion – One Direction
    • You’re the truth I can’t explain
      You’re the only one I see
      It’s not an illusion to me


  • Waste the night – 5 Seconds Of Summer
    • I don’t wanna say goodbye to another night
      And watch you walk away
      I don’t wanna let it burn in the city lights
      And make the same mistakes


  • Do you know what I’m seeing? (Alternate Version)- Panic! At The Disco
    • I know it’s mad
      But if I go to hell
      Will you come with me or just leave?
      I know it’s mad


  • This Ain’t A Scene, Its An Arm Race – Fall Out Boy
    • I’m a leading man
      And the lies I weave are oh so intricate,
      Oh so intricate


  • Disconnected (Live Version) – 5 Seconds Of Summer]
    • You are my getaway
      You are my favorite place
      We put the world away
      Yeah we’re so disconnected


  • I’m a mess – Ed Sheeren
    • And ohhh I’ve only caused you pain
      I know but all of my words will always below
      Of all the love you spoke
      When you’re on my road
      Walking me home


  • Why worry – Set It Off
    • You’re feeling like you’re trapped,
      But that’s how you react,
      When you cannot see the light.
      But try and see the light.


  • Still into you – Cover by Hannah Trigwell (Original by Paramore)
    • You felt the weight of the world
      Fall off your shoulder
      And to your favorite song
      We sang along to the start of forever
      And after all this time I’m still into you


I didn’t even know that half of these songs were in my song list omg



Im fading away and into your spell

I just realised that its been like 2-3 weeks since I last posted something.

I ended my school year on Tuesday last week (15/12). I admit we did no work for the whole day. For Science, we watched a movie called ‘flubber’ which we will continue watching after we get back from the holidays. For English, we finished watching the movie ‘ever after’ for our fantasy unit. For Maths, our teacher allowed us to have freetime. My friends and I were playing charades but we just gave them hints because our teacher told us we were being to noisy. For VA, We were asked to move books into the art library, but like I barely helped. For VD, we didnt do anything because half way we needed to go to the shelter to get our reports and leave.

Im happy that it’s the holidays but like its so boring since I have nothing to do and its literally 40 degrees everyday

– lısa

Winter Olympics+Awesome Prizes!

Fairypix 🙂

Fantage Spy

Hey everyone!! since it is Winter break for most of you guys, I decided to host something “fun”.

And I assume most of you guys will be just Netflix  and chillin’ at home, by yourself, all alone, with nobody.

SOO might as well join this game! 🙂

It will be lasting for a few days because there will be many events AND you will need to be working as a TEAM.

How to Join

WordPress users

  • Re-blog and comment your username
  • Follow this blog! 🙂
  • Like this post

If you dont have WordPress

  • Follow this blog
  • Comment your username

Deadline to join

Deadline to join this will be on Monday at 11:00 PM FST (aka in about 24 hours from when this post is published)


  • There will be about 4 teams! (I might change this number if more people than I expected will join hehe)
  • Once I assign you into…

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I told you not to worry

Had to  use my headphones because all of  my earphones are broken
the headphones are hurting me head 😦

ANyways if  you havent heard the album yet
the songs are
1. Wild
2. Bite
3. Fools
4. Ease
5. The Quiet
7. Talk me Down
8. Cool
9. Heaven
10. Youth
11. Lost Boy
12. For him.
13. Suburbia
14. Too Good
15. Blue
16. Wild (XXYYXX Remix)
/17. Swimming Pool
/18. Happy Little Pill (Live Version)

The ones with a slash (/) means its from the target exclusive bonus track

If youd like the download these songs, use itemvn

– lısa

I won’t tell him where I’ve been

Soo like there’s only 2 weeks of school left. Omg if I was still in yr8, Im pretty sure it would already be holidays. I gotta admit though. My classes are running quite smoothly, apart from the amount of homework I’m getting. I keep getting homework from English, Visual Arts, Visual Designs and History. I mean yesterday, I had to write an essay on Christopher Columbus. I ended up writing two pages and a bit. She didn’t even check if we did it or not. ;—-;

Right now I’m suppose to be doing my English homework but Im just not bothered omf. My english teacher took all of our books so she can check what we did currently. Okay, so I didnt really finish all of my previous homework. Hopefully she doesn’t tell me to complete it :(( 
She gave us a film review and some questions to do. We we’re suppose to write a film review about the film we finished watching last week, Big Fish. This movie was weird yet entertaining idek


This was something I did last year for art when we had to design a mythical creature. We had to make dotted physical features card for our creature. Everyone was saying that this was thr most difficult task and Im just like 0_0 this was literally my favourite task. The pens we used for this was actually amazing. I must have it. Oh, and dont mind the filter I used in this LOOOL the light in my room is so dim

– lısa

Theres something bout the girl next door

amskdj so on Thursday we got our yr9 timetables and im actually quite satisfied since I barely had classes with my friends this year. Im happy about whos in my classes but im like kind of okay with my teachers.

This year I had 11 subjects and now I have 8 subjects. Im so happy that my first two electives are picked. But like most of the people in my classes are probably like 5star artists cri. I have maths, english and science on a friday. WTH
Ohkay I only had the relaxing subjects for the last two years. Such disappointing

Im scared for next week because its like a new start. And I want the teachers to actually like me because if I get a teacher to hate me then im done loool
I domt want to fail any of my tests next year since Im already failing in everything. Next week is our first week of our new years. We got our timetables on Thursday after we had our yr8cleanup so like making sure we paid our fees and returned all of our library books. So like I already paid all of my fees in the beggining of the year and I dont borrow library books soo

On monday I have geography for one period . I have the same teacher as last year and in yr7 he was my ict teacher. The next period I have history with this strict teacher who always comes late since she lives really far from the school. I had her once for maths and she made us do textbook work and she asked us if any of us have been to new zealand . All of us were like o_o
He has  a grandson in our year and he was in my for the last two years. When we had her during maths he was all like ‘hey nanna’ and ‘everyone shuttup i’ll get yelled at’  That was the quietest lesson we ever had. He is usually really noisy and he gets in trouble alot.

I then have science and my 2 electives – Visual Design and Visual Art.

– lısa